Tools Toolbar


The Tools Toolbar and its button.

Click this button...

To do this...

Activates the Select tool. Click on an object to select it.
Activates the Pan tool. You can then click and hold within the design area and move the mouse to pan the area in all directions (best used when zoomed in).
Activates the edit text tool. Click on an existing text object to edit it (same effect as double-clicking a text object).
Activates the zoom tool: left click to zoom in, right click or hold down CTRL to zoom out.
Lets you pick a Fill, Text, or Border color based on the RGB values of any pixel on the screen.
Places a PDF file. See Place PDF.
Places a static image. See Image Object.
Places a text object. See Text Object.
Places a barcode object. See Barcode Properties.
Places a variable image object. See Image Object.
Lets you rotate an object to any angle by dragging the mouse cursor.
Places a DirectSmile Object.
Places an AcceptGiro object.

Mac OS

The Tools Toolbar and its button in Mac OS.

Click this button...

To do this...

Select the tool.

Select the edit text tool.

Select the place variable image tool.

Place a static image.

Select the zoom tool.