Hardware Configurations

Each Folder Inserter that is compatible with PlanetPress EnvelopeNOW comes with a hardware configuration file (hcf) that contains all of its capabilities and options. Each configuration file also contains the known limitations of the Inserter such as the scan marks area (where the Inserter can read the scan marks).

PlanetPress EnvelopeNOW comes pre-packaged with a number of hardware configuration files for a number of Folder Inserters. Each new version may add new Folder Inserter configurations. If your Folder Inserter is not listed, it is possible that no configuration file has been created for it.

Hardware Configuration Files are created and maintained by the Folder Inserter manufacturers and are not modifiable by Objectif Lune Inc. nor by you, the user. If the configuration file contains an error, please communicate with the manufacturer to advise them. Likewise, if the manufacturer does not provide configuration files via its website, you may request them by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Activating and Disabling configuration files

You can display whether a specific hardware configuration appears in the hardware configuration drop-down list in the General Settings window of the project creation and modification screens.

To display or hide a hardware configuration:

  1. From any window, click on the Preferences icon ().
  2. Go to the Hardware tab.
  3. The list is divided first by Folder Inserter name, then by configuration type as defined by the manufacturer.
  4. Locate the specific configuration you want to show or hide. A checkmark next to the name means it will appear in the hardware configuration drop-down. No checkmark means it will be hidden.
  5. You can click on "Select All" to check all the configurations, or "Select None" to remove all the checkmarks.
  6. Click Apply to save your changes.

Changes in this list will only appear when you next create or modify a project. If you already have a project open, the change will appear next time you open or create it.