FAQ-1489: Migrating to a New Workstation


What should I consider when migrating or upgrading PlanetPress Suite installation on a New Workstation?


The purpose of this document is to outline Migration considerations and provide the reader with a strategy for transferring the PlanetPress Suite software license and/or installing the software upgrade on a new workstation. The following is a list of things to consider.

File Extension definitions:

  • .ppX = PlanetPress Design Document, where X is the number of the PlanetPress Suite version.
  • .pwX = PlanetPress Workflow Tools Configuration (Watch/Server/Office/Production)
  • .PTK = Presstalk file – result of the “Sendto” compiled document to Workflow

Transferring a PlanetPress Suite software license to a new workstation

If you wish to transfer your PlanetPress Suite software license(s) and/or install your PlanetPress Suite Upgrade on a new workstation:

  • Ensure that all services are stopped on your old machine before activating and starting the services on the new machine. Attempting to run the software with the same license simultaneously will not only run into errors but it is a breach of our EULA.

  • Before installing, be sure to review the release notes to see what’s new, system requirements, known issues and much more. The Release notes for the most current version can be found on the PlanetPress Suite website. For the system requirements for previous versions, please refer to our Knowledge base.
  • Install the PlanetPress Suite software on the new workstation
    • If you are upgrading your PlanetPress Suite software licenses;
      • There is no need to install your previous version and then install the newest version upgrade on the new workstation.
      • Installing PlanetPress Suite does not remove prior versions. Although they may coexist on the same PC they cannot run simultaneously.
  • Request new activation codes for your software licenses (License Transfer agreement needs to be filled out and signed). Contact your local Activations Department. www.objectiflune.com/activations
  • Upgrades cannot be activated using our automated Activation Manager. Contact your local Customer Care department (details found on the main page of our Web Activation Manager www.objectiflune.com/activations).
  • Make sure to indicate whether you are transferring an existing license or installing the upgrade on a new workstation.
  • Add any Printer Activation codes to your new PlanetPress Design and PlanetPress Workflow installation
  • There are a few ways to reinstall the printer activation codes.
    • If you have the .pac file (printer activation codes) from your previous installation, then from the new workstation, simply double click on it and the printers will get activated.
    • If you do not have the .pac file, Export your printer activation codes by going to the Printer Activation window, Right click and select Export. Then save that file and from the new workstation, double click on the .pac file and all of your printers will get activated.
    • You can login to our Web Activation Manager www.objectiflune.com/activations using your customer number and password and get your Printer Activation Codes.
    • If you do not have access to the workstation in which PlanetPress Suite was previously installed on, simply print a Status Page for each printer from your new workstation (Tools | Document Management | select “PlanetPress Printer Status Page” and select your printers from the list. Email the Status Page(s) to activations@ca.objectiflune.com and you will then receive a .pac file in order to activate your printer.
  • Back up all your PlanetPress Design documents (.ppX extension files) and copy them onto the new workstation. The documents do not have to be in any particular folder.
  • If your document references any local dynamic image resources in a folder or in Local Host, make sure to import them onto the new workstation or download them to the virtual drive if needed.
  • All Postscript and TrueType host based fonts must be reinstalled.
  • Uninstall the PlanetPress Suite software installed on the originally activated workstation.
  • It is recommended to keep the previous install for a few days until everything is completed. However, once your transition is successful and complete, you must uninstall the PlanetPress Suite software from your original installation
  • Although it is not necessary to convert all of your documents when upgrading from one version to, we strongly recommend converting them to the current version you have installed and re-sending them to PlanetPress Workflow Tools. We recommend that your documents be maintained in a supported format preferably with the latest version.
  • Installation of PlanetPress Suite requires an account with Administrator rights. For more information on which credentials user accounts should have in order to run PlanetPress suite applications, please click on User Account Credentials.

For PlanetPress Workflow Tools Users:

  • The working Directory paths since PlanetPress Version 6 have changed.
  • Working Directory for V6 and V7: “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Suite X\”
  • Working Directory for V5 and lower: “C:\Program Files\PlanetPress Suite X”
  • Back up the entire working directory from your previous workstation.
  • The PlanetPress Workflow Tools folder under the working directory contains the following files needed for the new workstation.
    • PlanetPress Workflow Configuration (.cfg or .pwX)
    • The Documents folder containing all the compiled documents (.ptk files)
  • Back up any custom Plug-ins (.dll) that you used in your previous PlanetPress Workflow Tools configuration and copy them onto the new workstation in their respective folders.
  • Plugins folder can be found under the following path.
    • V6 and V7: “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Suite X\Plugins”
  • After you’ve copied the plug-ins you must register them.
    • For Instruction on how to register a Plug-in please see Plug-in Installation Instructions
  • Install or Import the Documents (.ptk) for PlanetPress Workflow Tools
  • There are a few ways to Install or Import your Documents into PlanetPress Workflow Tools
    • From PlanetPress Workflow Tools go to File | Import Document and select the .ptk document you want to import. (usually found in the Documents folder from your previous installation)
    • From PlanetPress Design Open your document you wish to install in PlanetPress Workflow Tools and go to File | Send to.
    • If you have many Documents to Install, the recommended Procedure is to do a Batch Send To From PlanetPress Design
  • Reconfigure any settings that may need to be applied to the PlanetPress Suite Messenger and PlanetPress Workflow Tools LPD services using the Access Manager.
  • All PostScript and TrueType host based fonts must be reinstalled.
  • Recreate printer queues with the same nomenclature as the printer queues that existed in the previous version or workstation.
  • If necessary, reconfigure local ODBC connections. (i.e. create local copies of databases or recreate required DSN entries).
  • Manually install all external executables that will be referenced by the PlanetPress Workflow Tools processes in the configuration file. If possible, respect the local path used on the other PC.
  • On the new workstation if "TCP/IP Print Server" service is running in Windows, it is requested to disable that server so that it does not interfere with the PlanetPress LPD/LPR services.

PlanetPress Image, Fax and Search

  • Reconfigure the PlanetPress Image and PlanetPress Fax outputs with the new host information.
  • You must import the Search Profile and rebuild the database in order to generate the database structure required by PlanetPress Suite.


This document is just a guide with some recommendations when Upgrading PlanetPress Suite or transferring an existing license on another workstation. It is recommended to always make a backup of any document design, fonts, custom applications, Plug-ins and any activation codes.