Search and Replace

Search and Replace action tasks are used to locate and replace strings of data within the job file and to replace them with other strings of data. Note that this action task cannot be used with binary files.

For more advanced search and replace functionality, you can also see Advanced Search and Replace.


Any text-based file can be used in this task, even formats that are not directly compatible with PlanetPress. As long as the text is visible in a text-based editor (such as Notepad), it is readable and supported by this task.


The appropriate changes are made to the data file (replacing text).


The modified data file is output from this task. Metadata is not modified in any way if it is present.

Search and Replace action task properties are as follows:

General Tab


On Error Tab

By default, any action task, branch, splitter or condition that generates an error will simply be ignored, and the task just under it (not within a branch) will be given control of the job file without any modification. Any initial input task that generates an error will stop the process from running as a whole, and output tasks will not generate output. The On Error tab can be used to overwrite the default behaviors.

If storing the message or ID, if they are store in a jobinfo they will be available in any error handling process where errors are being forwarded. In all cases, if your process continues after the error, the contents of the variables selected in this window will be available for the rest of your process, or whenever they are overwritten.

Common Errors

Though some error messages are specific to a task in particular, others may apply to any and all tasks because they are related more to the system than to PlanetPress itself. Some examples would be W3813, W3830, W3991, W4005. These correspond to issues such as not having any space to write files, permission errors on folders or files, etc.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab, added in PlanetPress Suite 7.5, is common to all tasks. It contains a single text area (Task comments) that lets you write comments about the task. These comments are saved when the dialog is closed with the OK button, and are displayed in The Task Comments Pane.